Why choose American DreamStork?

DreamStork helps you achieve your dream.

For more than ten years, Dreamstork has been supporting you in the most beautiful of projects. The good reputation of American DreamStork has allowed us to grow by supporting single people and couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, in various countries where GPA is legal.

Today, Dreamstork is one of the most recommended agencies in the world of Surrogacy, for:

Offering the best care, assistance and protection to surrogate mothers:
We firmly believe in the safety and well-being of women who choose to become surrogate mothers to help others achieve their dream of becoming parents. This is why we are committed to providing them with the best medical care, continuous support and all the necessary insurance to guarantee their physical and emotional health throughout the gestation process.

Caring for an ever more human assistance:
At American DreamStork, we understand that the surrogacy process can be emotionally complex and sometimes stressful. This is why we are committed to offering an ever more human assistance, by being there for our future parents at every stage of the process. We strive to create a warm and empathetic environment where couples or single people feel supported and understood.

Guarantee the success of its programs:
We are proud of our high success rate and we are committed to guaranteeing the success of our surrogacy programs. Whether it is helping our future parents find the perfect surrogate mother, providing continuous support during pregnancy or offering follow-up after birth, we are determined to ensure that every experience with American DreamStork is positive and fruitful, and that all parties keep an excellent memory of this adventure.

We believe that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to start a family if that is their wish, whatever their life path. We are honored to play a role in making people's dreams come true, and we are always committed to working to offer you a level of service that corresponds to the challenge and support to those who choose to trust us in this important step in their lives.

People choose DREAMSTORK for the guarantees of its programs, the human quality of its teams, the care given to surrogate mothers and the success of your project.
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